Writing Ashram in Viktorsberg (A)

Foto von Viktorsberg, dem Ort des Schreib-Retreats.

This summer could become your writing summer! – Writing Ashram, 12th-18th June 2023, Viktorsberg (A)

The Writing Ashram, our one-week academic writing retreat in the countryside, has taken place in northern Germany for the last 10 years. This year we go south: to Viktorsberg, Vorarlberg, Austria. Plus: our working language will be English to include everyone – obviously, you can write in any language. So welcome everyone!

In the serene atmosphere of Seminarhaus Viktorsberg you can dedicate yourself completely to your text. Whether you write your dissertation, article, thesis or book chapter – We, your writing coaches Joh and Katja, will accompany you and maintain the structure that allows you to devote yourself completely to your writing. Output is guaranteed! With a well-proven mix of quiet writing time, collaborative exchange, supportive workshops and individual coaching, we will keep you and your text happy 😊

We are looking forward to having you with us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using joh@schreibaschram.de or katja@schreibaschram.de or meet us at:

Writing Ashram Lunch Q&A on Thu., 30th March 23 at 1 p.m.


Do you know other academic writers? Please forward this email to others who are interested. Especially because this one-week retreat is in English, many writers from all countries should be able to benefit from it.

You are the coordinator of a research group of doctoral students? And you would like to support your young researchers? Especially when it comes to publishing, writing support is often needed to guarantee the completion of the work. Fortunately, more and more universities are giving funding for our course. Support your groups and individuals by paying for this productivity week. Or feel free to register yourself.

For Swiss women writers, there is often a women’s grant that pays for the seminar. Check here and also ask at your university: https://www.snf.ch/de/3FIaA17YxxlbvSCG/seite/foerderung/gleichstellung

Maybe here for Austrian women writers:


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